Lincolnshire Sausage

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[table] Weight,Ingedient,Metric, 1Kg 15lb,  belly or shoulder pork approx 25% fat,6KG,1KG 3lb, water,1kg,166g 7oz, seasoning (see below),200g,33g 1lb 12oz,  rusk,800g,133g 3oz, dried sage,85g,15g [/table]   Spice Mix [table] Weight,Ingedient,Metric, 1Kg, For 1Kg Above 1 lb, salt,450g,75g,35g 2oz, ground white pepper,56g,10g,5 2oz, ground black pepper,56g,8g,4g 2oz, ground nutmeg,56g,8g,4g 1oz, ground mace,28g,4g,2g 1oz, ground ginger,28g,4g,2g 1/2 oz, …

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Irish Breakfast Sausage

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[table] Ingredient,Metric, Percent Pork shoulder,2270.0 g, 90.00 Irish lager or ale,125.0 ml, 4.59 Bread crumbs  dry,70.0 g,2.77 Salt,36.0 g,1.43 Eggs white powder,10.0 g,0.40 Pepper  black,6.3 g,0.25 Marjoram,3.0 g,0.12 Mace,1.8 g,0.07 Thyme,1.4 g,0.06 Rosemary,0.6 g,0.02 22mm sheep casings [/table] Method: 1. Cube and partially freeze the pork and then grind through a medium (10mm or 3/8”) …

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Apple Sausage

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Ingredients 1kg  Pork shoulder 1  Cooking Apple 2 Tbs. White wine Vinegar 4 tsp.  Salt 2 Tbs. Sugar 11⁄2 tsp.    White pepper, ground 4 tsp.    Sage, rubbed 3⁄4 tsp.     Allspice, ground 1⁄2 tsp.     Ginger; dried, ground 1⁄4 tsp.     Clove, ground 1⁄4 tsp.     Cinnamon, ground Method 1.  Cut length of skin and put in cold water …

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