Mince Meat

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225g, Bramley Apples – peeled & chopped

112g, Suet


175g, sultanas

175g, mixed candied peel

175g, dark brown sugar

1, zest and juice of orange

1, zest and juice of lemon

25g,chopped almonds

2tsp,mixed ground spice

1/2tsp,gnd cinamon





1. Combine everything except the Rum

2. Cover the bowl and leave over night.

3. Pre heat oven to 110C

4. Use a covered dish or tray covered with foil.

5. Cook for 3 hours

6. Remove the bowl and allow to cool slowly. It may appear fatty thats fine.

7. Stir occasionally until cool. It should all come together and not look tiny shreds.

8. When cool stir in Rum


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