Christmas Cake ( Nans )

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Christmas Cake – JA – This is the one

10oz (280g) Butter

10oz (280g) Moist dark brown sugar

1 tbl black treacle

1 lemon rind ( finely grated )

4 large or 5 medium eggs

3 tbs sherry, rum or brandy

12oz (340g) plain flour

1oz (25g) ground almonds

½ tsp powder cinnamon

½ tsp powder allspice

4oz (100g) chopped candied peel

4oz (100g) chopped glace cherry

1lb (½ kg ) currants

8oz ( 200g ) sultanas

12oz ( 340g) seedless raisins

2-4 oz ( 50g – 100g) chopped blanched almonds

Cooking time 3 ½ – 3 ¾ Hours

Makes 9” round or 8” square tin.

Line the tin with grease proof paper leaving 1” standing above the tin.

Cream butter, sugar treacle and lemon rind until soft and light. ( largest bowl )

Beat eggs and then mix with booze and lemon juice.

Mix flour, almonds, spices, peel, cherries and fruit.

Stir the egg mixture then the flour mixture into the creamed butter mixture.

Spoon into the tin, pressing down firmly ( this makes the cake easier to slice ).

Using damp knuckles press down on the top ( this helps to make the cake flat ).

Place tin in the centre of the oven at 325F ( 160 C ) gas mark 3

Cook for 1 hour. Check the temp by looking at the cake. It should not change colour in the 1st hour.

Then turn the temp down to 275-300 (135C – 150 C ) and cook for the remaining time.


Coat with jam or 1 egg white. Roll out Marzipan to cover cake.

Smooth over the cake by rubbing it with a little icing sugar.


2lb Icing Sugar

4 eggs whites

2 tbs lemon juice

up to 4 tsp glycerin ( stops the icing setting too hard )

Whisk the eggs until firm. Blend in sugar and then the lemon. Beat until smooth and white.

If you over beat you get large air bubbles in the mixture which will spoil the finish. Spread over the marzipan using a palette knife.

Use a fork to create peaks etc ……

Then leave to harden.

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