JB – Veggie Bake

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Main Ingredients

Peel & slice sweet potato

Peel & slice sweet beets

Rough chop celery


Baby Broad Beans

onions – softened

fine cut ginger

Layer everything in dish

Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.

Sprinkle with oats.

The purpose of the top layer of oats and seeds is to give a crust.


Sweat fine chop onion & fine chop ginger

Stir in flour for thickening to make a Rue

Set heat to low and slowly add milk

Stir to prevent lumping.

Once boiling, set to slow buble for a few mins to cook out the flour.

Basically make a bechammel without the butter.

Pour sauce over the main dish.

Cover with shrededed cabbage, oats and pumpkin seeds

Oven about 150 until veg are soft about 1 1/2 hours.

Check liquid and add water if its too dry.. The oats and chickpeas drink alot whilst cooking.

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