Pizza Dough

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  • 300g/10½ oz strong white flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 7g instant yeast (one sachet)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 175ml/6fl oz tepid water


To make the pizza base, put the flour in a large bowl (or stand mixer) and sprinkle in the yeast.

Stir thoroughly before adding the salt.

Mix the olive oil with the water, then make a well in the centre of the flour and start pouring it in.

Stir until you have a fairly wet dough, then turn out and knead until it is no longer sticky, but soft and pliable.

Leave to rise for an hour in a large bowl, covered, then knock back and divide into two large or 4 smaller pieces, depending on the size you are able to cook.

When you are ready to cook the pizzas, preheat the oven to its highest setting and either heat baking trays or a pizza stone.

Shape the pizzas into large circles, then dust more baking trays with flour and transfer the pizza bases onto them – this is so you can slide them straight onto the baking tray or pizza stone.

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