JB – Mint , Yogurt Base Sauce

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[table caption=”Shopping End Sept 21″ width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Item No,Qty,Description
1,2 tbl,Mint ( Fresh a big hand full fine chopped)
2,1tsp,Smoked Paprika
4,1/2 tsp,All Spice
6,1,Onion ( large chop)
7,2,Cloves Garlic fine chopped
8,1/2inch,Ginger fine chopped
9,1,carrot cut to size to tatse
10,1 tin, Pnto beans
11, Some, yoghurt
12,Some Stock
13,Some,Potato cut to size of baby spuds
14,some,Corn flour or any other non descript flour for thickening. About 1 dsp may be 1 tbl dependign on mix



This version is for spuds and veg, it also works with meat chops, other cuts. Not sure about fish, it should work but do not add until close to the end of cooking.

Use an oven-proof pot. I have heavy iron one, giving an even heat on the hob and also in the oven.

Pre heat oven to about 150 / 160.

Low heat oil , fry onion to soft

Add powder spices ( if they are big, pestle and mortar them before adding – not too small just smash them up)

Turn up heat, add spuds. A little more oil if needed, there should be enough to just coat everything)

Add carrots.

Keep things moving and temp at med to high. Stir fry method.

Add garlic, ginger

Let cook for a few mins

The aim is to soften and cook out the spices not crisp them off.

Stir in a some flour, about 1 tbl , adding at this stage and stirring in means it wont lump later.

Keep everything moving and adjust heat as required to keep things cooking gently

Add in Beans , if tined, wash them off in a sieve before adding. If own rehydrated , just add.

If its dry and sticking do NOT ADD MORE OIL, add a little water.

Add yoghurt, enough to give a good covering.

Add stock to cover.

Give everything a good mix to ensure everything has a good covering.

In oven 160 for about 1 hour.

Keep checking and giving it a stir , add stock as needed.

It should be wet, not swimming.

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