JB – Salad Cream – British Salad Dressing

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Salad cream is a British fav dressing for salads. For those who know me I have travelled a lot and often either not been able to find it or had to visit an expat shop and pay rip-off prices.

I decided to use Heinz as a ref marker. It was not my intention to replicate or copy Heinz only use it as a baseline flavour.

It took a few attempts, this is what I came up with. It is close to Salad Cream, I may play around each time I make it.

I tried various mustards Dijon was tasty but the wrong flavour.

I think the key is the citric ( lemon juice ) to sugar balance and then balance that to the vinegar. Find that balance to give an almost neutral result. I tried both flavours toward vinegar and also towards lemon a little either side of neutral works well and is closest to Heinz. My taste favour towards the lemon but remember keep it subtle. You should not know any of them are in the recipe.

I think Heinz use an oil which has a flavour, I used Sunflower for my experiments. Olive oil would be overpowering. Rapeseed is a possible, Ill buy some next time I go shopping and give it a try.



2hard-boiled egg -yolks only hard boil them in shells then remove the yolks when cool.
1tbsEnglish mustard
1/2lemon juice only
1 pinchPinch caster sugar
2tbswhite wine vinegar
100mldouble cream its a thick cream 48% fat but thats not important for this recipe-I think this might be USA Heavy Cream – it is a thick pouring with a little help cream Whipping and single cream are too thin) I guess Whipping cream which has been whisked until it starts to thicken but not all the way to solid.
100ml veg oil
SomeSalt & Pepper

Those who do not know English Spoon sizes:

tbs means Table Spoon. My spoon set says its 15ml. My nan and I also know it as a quick measure for 1 once. Note, I use English Table Spoon, I know Australians have different cup and spoon sizes but most Aussies know how the conversion.


Mix together in a bowl and blitz it until creamy.

I use one of the hand help spinny choppy things to blitz it but a liquidizer/blender on low speed would be as good.

For those who do not have a handheld spinny choppy thing, I love mine, when I was first given one by a friend my reaction was why do I need that. Now I love it. The pic is not the one I have but gives you an the idea.

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