JB – Thousand Island Dressing

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Everything chopped very fine and to taste.

80 / 20 mayo to tom ketchup.

Everything chopped very fine and to taste.

onion, garlic, ginger

colmans english mustard for 200g mix, 1/2 tsp it should be a hint not really tasted. See note below.

hard boiled egg.


English Mustard is not the obvious choice, its flavour is too strong. My reason for using it over any of the classic French and other Mustards is it adds a smooth richness to the mix.

In this case, you should not taste the mustard so be very careful, adding tiny amounts at a time. It should be one of those things you do not notice when its there but you feel something is missing which you cant put your finger on if its not.

mix well and leave to settle.

tiny tip of tea spoon at a time white vinegar — plain white not white wine. This is to offset the sweetness of the tom Ket.

It takes a few hours ( in fridge ), for the flavours to settle.

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