Victoria Sponge Cake ( Nans)

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8oz (220g),S-Raising Flour

1tsp,Baking Powder

8oz(220g),Castor Sugar


8oz(2200g),Butter or Marg




Mix sugar  and butter / marg  in a largish bowl

Mix flour and baking power and sieve into sugar mixture and mix. Add eggs – be careful not to over stir .

Divide the mixture equally between both  7″ tins

Oven 160C – Gas 2 1/2

Cook in pre-heated oven 160 C – Gas 2 1/2 for about 25 – 30 mins.

Start checking after 20 mins as some ovens cook faster – especially fan assisted

You know when it’s ready by putting the tip of a knife or skewer in the cake, when pulling it out it should be mostly clean.

When ready allow both halves to cool on a cooling rack.

Spread one half with a tasty filling such as:
jam, jam & cream, anything you like

Place the two halves on top of each other and

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