JB-Veg Curry Base – Rice Casserole Plus Potato and Pea Curry Amy Uni

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This is inspired by a Biriyani dish. It is not a Briyani. I was playing with some ideas and came up with this.



Rice Part
SomeGhee, used for cooking
1 tspCumin Seeds
1 smallOnion
450gbrown rice. Next time try aboria or rissoto uncooked
1tspSea Salt
1/2 tspGnd Black Pepper
SomeCorriander Leaves.
Potato and Pea Curry Part.
Some Ghee
1 medchopped onion
2 clovegarlic
2Cloves – 1 tsp Gnd Clove
1 inchCinnamon Stick / Cassia Bark
1tspGaram Masala
SomeChili To Taste
1/2 tspTurmeric
1/2tspGnd Corriander.
2 Tomatoes
1 tblYoghurt
2 medSpuds, chopped into large chunks
SomeCorriander Leaves



Pre heat oven 150 Cish

Mix all spices to paste

Use an overproof casserole dish/pot

Gently Fry the onion and cook out the spices, add garlic and ginger

If adding meat brown off in a separate pan.

Add everything to the pot, including the rice and stock

Place in oven until veg are done – Depending on Qty 30min to 1 hour. If the meat has been added you can turn the temp down and slow cook to help the meat stay juicy and also tenderise it.

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