JB Base Curry Sauce Potato And Pea Amy Uni Dish

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500 to 750mlStock, your choice veg, beef, chick etc.
Arrow Root – You may need some arrow root to control thickness.
If you dont have, corn flour will work but will change the colour.
1 medchopped ( big chop, even rings are ok) onion
2 clovegarlic
2Cloves – 1 tsp Gnd Clove
1 inchCinnamon Stick / Cassia Bark
1tspGaram Masala
SomeChili To Taste
1/2 tspTurmeric
1/2tspGnd Corriander.
1 tblYoghurt
2 medSpuds, chopped into large chunks
SomeCorriander Leaves



Use a largish sauce pan. Its your chocie to use a lid or not. That will help with loss / keeping the water content.

Toast or Fry Dried Spice powder. I do them in with the Ghee whilst softening the onion in the pan.

Add the potato chunks to soften a little.

Add stock and everything else EXCEPT TOMS.

Cook until the veg is starting to soften, the add the toms, I put them in for the last 10 or so mins, its to your taste. I like to have the toms as chucks of tom and not disappear into the sauce.

Whilst cooking, control the heat, add liquid as needed. If needed add some thickening re above. Another thickening option is to start with extra spuds. Remove some, mash to a paste then put them back. The starch will thicken..

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