Spotted Dick

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Spotted Dick

8 oz Self-raising flour
4 oz Shredded suet
8 oz Currants or Raisins
150 ml Cold Water
1 oz Sugar
1 pinch salt



1. Mix together the flour, sugar, salt, suet and the currents/raisins. Keep mixing and add a little water at a time until the whole becomes a firm dough.
2. Roll into a long cylindrical shape that is about 8 inches long.
3. Carefully place the rolled pastry into a small pan that is close to 8 inches diameter as possible.
4. Place this smaller pan into a larger one then fill the larger pan with boiling water – but do not fill so that the water spills into the smaller pan. This is to make a steamer to ‘steam’ the pudding.
5. Put on the lid to the larger pan and steam for about 2� hours – making sure that the water is topped up in the outer pan with boiling water.
Serve with double whipped cream and sprinkle lightly with chocolate shavings.

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