Inside Out Orange or Apple Pudding

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100g,caster sugar

1, zest of orange

2,eggs separated

75g,sr flour

3tbl,marmalde thick ( can use thin ) cut

2, juice of orange – boiled and reduced by 2 thirds and cooled


2tbl,marmalade to use for a glaze



1. Cream butter, sugar and orange zest

2.Stir in egg yolks then the flour

3. Add the marmalade , OJ and milk

4. Whisk egg whites to soft peaks.

5. Fold the whites into the mixture.

6.Spoon into a cooking bowl.

7. Place in a roasting tin and pour about 1cm deep boiling water

8.Bake at 190C for about 50 -55 mins

9.To glaze mix marmalade  with 3-4 tasp of warm water and brush over.




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