Hairy bikers Tennessee Pulled Pork

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shoulder of pork

50 g soft brown sugar

4 tbl paprika

3 tbl sea salt flakes

1tb cayenne

1 tbl cumin

1 tbl mustard Power

1 tbl dried thyme.


Mix all of the above in a bowl

Rub the pork with the mix above – note the salt is important as it draws out moisture from the pork

Only use half the mix

Leave in fridge for an hour or more

After the fridge rub in a 2nd coat of the mix

Really rub it in, good and hard rubbing

Note the spices have already started to chemical / cold cook. This is good but not a show stopper if not.

Add a cup of water to the bottom of the tin to stop things drying out and also create steam whilst cooking

Cover tin with foil folder the edges over good to form a seal.

Place pork in a roasting tin

Put in pre heat oven – 130 C fan oven- for 5 hrs.

Optional —-

For best result put on roasting / low heat bbq with hickory or apple wood chips in a smoker for 45 mins. Adlib, if you dont have the right wood chips or a smoking tin etc

Now pull pull apart and enjoy.

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