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Heat oil

1 tbl spn Cumin Seeds

1 tbl spn Corriander Seeds

When they start to pop add fine chopped onion

Fry until growing

equal garlic & ginger – approx 3 cloves to 1 inch ginger make into paste

add to pan

after circa 1 min

Add tin of toms – fine / small. If they are not then blitz them — smooth tomato is vital to end result.

lower heat to low to med.


1 tbl spn Turmeric Powder

1tbl spn Coriander Powder

2 tbl spn butter / ghee

Cillie power to taste

Look at the edges to see when it ready for the next step

If not cooking veg option add in and meat cut into cubes

Fry for about 2 mins – look for colour and texture change

add some veg into big bitesize pieces.

Add coriander leaf and curry leaf a decent handful of each

Last added 1/2 tbl spn of Garam Masala

cook for 3 to 5 mins

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