JB – Traditional Carbonara From Milan – Not the popular UK version.

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350g , spagetti
200g, Guanciale – If unavailble chunks of smoked gammon is not great but ok. Or better a good dry smoked ham.
4, Eggs
Some, Romano Cheese, If not possible a parmasan is ok.
Some, Black pepper



Boil water and cook pasta to al dente. The time varies between shop brought dried and homemade fresh.

Cut Guanciale / Ham / Gammon into small cubes. Cook over medium heat with a little olive oil to prevent sticking. Remember as the Guanciale cooks its own fat will render out. Give it a stir from time to time to ensure even cooking. Most prefer to cook until crispy if using a substitute achieve the best possible without burning.If sticking is a problem, add a touch of water NOT OIL !!!

Mix eggs just before needed. Many make the mistake of mixing eggs early and leave them standing. That will not give the best result. Ask any good pastry chef 🙂

Drain the pasta.

Stir in the cheese to the egg mix. To make a thick creamy sauce.

Drain pasta stir in egg mix and meat the heat of the pasta will cook the eggs

Mix well. Serve as quickly as possible as the heat will soon go even if you have a heavy pot. If its too sticky add a little of the water used when cooking the pasta, it should still be warm. If its too runny add cheese.

This dish is difficult to reheat. NEVER MICROWAVE IT !!!!!

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