Herb Roast Mediterranean root vegetables

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  • This is made of pretty much any root or root like veg.
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Herbs – Mixed herbs, Thyme, Rosemary or for a touch some oregano.

Peel and cut the veg into bite size cubes and put inside a container. A food bag is perfect.

Add a little olive oil and your choice of herbs. The idea is just. enough to form a coating on the veg. NOTE: They should not be swimming in the oil.

Add salt & pepper to your normal taste.

Roll the bag around to ensure the veg cubes have some herbs & oil.

Now leave for a time, ideal is overnight in a fridge or at least 1 hour. The longer the better to let the flavours come together.

Roll the bag around from time to time to keep the veg covered.

When ready put in a roasting tin, give them a stir to spread them out.

Roast in an over at 160C or add to an oven with an existing roast.

Give them a stir from time to time.

They are normally done in about 30 mins but its best to check and look for that nice roasted colour.

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