Golden Syrup Sponge Cake

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For those in USA, Golden Syrup can be brought at Walmart.




4oz (110g),S-Raising Flour

1tsp,Baking Powder

4oz(110g),Castor Sugar

4oz(110g),Golden Syrup


4oz(110g),Butter or Marg. My pref is butter.




Mix sugar  and butter / marg  in a largish bowl.  This is sometimes called creaming.

Beat eggs in a small bowl. DO NOT OVER BEAT. The point is to get air into them not to beat into a stif mix.

Mix flour and baking power and sieve into sugar mixture and mix.

Add eggs – The correct method is called folding. Add a little , put spoon in deep, lift and rotate .  Nice and gentle.  You are trying to mix the ing and keep the air bubbles you just created in the egg part.

Add Golden Syrup to mixture.

Pour mixture into  7″ tin

Oven 160C – Gas 2 1/2

Cook in pre-heated oven 160 C – Gas 2 1/2 for about 25 – 30 mins.

Depending on the amount of liquid the time may be vary. My oven tends to run hot and cook fast, so I start checking after 15 mins. It depends on the personality of your oven.  NOTE: Do not keep opening the door and checking or the sponge will collapse.

If the top of the cake is turning very brown, put a cover – lid or foil, over it and continue cooking.

Start checking after 20 mins as some ovens cook faster – especially fan assisted see comment above, it depends on the personality of your oven. All ovens have their own personality.

You know when it’s ready by putting the tip of a knife or skewer in the cake, when pulling it out it should be mostly clean.

When ready allow cake to cool on a cooling rack.


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